Established on 27 Jun 2019, Yore Productions is a fresh Malaysia 3DCG production house. We specialized in hybrid visual blending, a technique that combines the strength of 2D and 3D art styles. We believe that art do not have boundaries and should not be restricted in only one medium. Hence, by doing so we hope to create unique visual experiences to the audiences while producing great story with good values. It is our vision too to reintroduce all form of transitional arts into new media and technologies. 


We are a passionate studio who currently stationed in Cyberjaya, which is the hub of Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) of Malaysia. Up until now our studio had produced "The Cliff House" a 3D animated short with brush stroke art style. Following its success, we are moving on to devote our days to produce 3D anime content.  




27 JANUARY 2017

The Cliff House is our very first animated short. It is our first attempt to explore in hybrid art style. In this project we combined 2D brush stroke into 3D medium hoping to provide audiences with unique visual experience. 


The short received numerous of international awards from USA, Italy, India, Japan and Spain. It also represented Malaysia in few international screenings such as the Commonwealth Games.


It tells a story of an old man overcoming his struggles to build a tower in order to reach his goal.


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